RRCA Coaching Certification Class will be offered in Myrtle Beach this spring. Click the link below for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteers are needed at the following GSRC races/events. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Erin Walters at secretary.gsrc@gmail.com
Jan. 24: Winter Run 5K/15K
Jan. 28: Marathon Packet Mailout Party 
Feb. 7: Marathon Medal Organizing Meeting
Feb. 13: Neon Night 5K start/finish line volunteers
Feb. 12-14: MB Marathon Weekend Expo
March 6-7: BFF Pink Ribbon Run

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 Kids Running Program

This year, the Club has partnered with Ocean Bay Middle School's Rockn' Racers
in a Kids Running program. Rockn' Racers consists of 60 - 70 OBES Fourth & Fifth graders who meet each Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 to run and workout for an hour. Although the program's focus is on non-competitive running several of the kids have entered local races, some finishing a 5K in under 23 minutes. The class is shown below shortly after receiving Rockn' Racers shirts.

If you're interested in becoming a mentor for the kid's running program, you can post your interest on our Facebook group or contact our GSRC president, Roscoe.

In the fall of 2012 GSRC began the support of Melissa Oleniczak's running class at Ocean Bay Elementary School. Melissa had started a group of Forth and Fifth graders, totaling about 60+ kids, running after school and she needed help. GSRC members Dick Ashley, Jim Sibley, Frank Pepp and Terry Layton volunteed; they meet Melissa and her running class each Tuesday at 2:30PM. The half mile track at the county softball fields adjacent to the Elementary school is used to teach the kids the joy of non-competitive running.

With the success of Melissa Oleniczak's running program, and with the help of Zola Pieterse and Barbara McGinnis, a similar running program was started on Friday afternoons at Ocean Bay Middle School. GSRC club members Zola Pieterse, Dick Ashley, Jim Sibley, Frank Pepp and Terry Layton provide coaching for the kids in this class.

Rockn' Racers who took part in the 2013 NMB Winter Run are shown below with there coach.